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Hidden Hills THC-A VVS Liquid Diamond Disposable Vape 2 Grams

Hidden Hills

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Hidden Hills Club VVS Liquid Diamond Vape is infused with Liquid Diamonds, promise a truly unforgettable journey.

Crafted with precision, the Night Night blend boasts a revolutionary fusion of D9, THC-A, and THC-P, ensuring a potent and distinct high with every puff. Hidden Hills VVS Liquid Diamond pens are designed to deliver unparalleled satisfaction.

Sleek and ergonomic, the Hidden Hills disposable vape device offers a seamless user experience. With its USB-C rapid recharge capability and single-button operation, customization is at your fingertips.

Unlock the full potential of your vaping session with simple yet effective controls:
- Power on with 5 quick clicks
- Activate auto-preheat with 2 clicks to prevent clogging
- Adjust your draw intensity by pressing the button while inhaling
- Power off with another 5 quick clicks

Indulge in a variety of tantalizing strains, each meticulously curated to cater to every preference:
- Lemon Cherry Zkittlez: A tropical Sativa blend bursting with citrus and fruity notes.
- Purplato Zyrup: An Indica delight with a sweet, grape-infused aroma.
- White Gummy Ztarburst: A delightful Hybrid combining mango, peach, and grape flavors.
- Zaberry Nerds: Experience the fruity lavender essence of this Hybrid strain.
- Grapefruit Zuava Goo and Limey Znow Conez: Sativa Night Night Blends that promise a rejuvenating experience.

In addition to its exceptional blend, the Hidden Hills THC-A Vape Pen offers:
- 2 grams of premium vaping pleasure
- USB-C rechargeability for quick and easy power-ups
- Pre-heat functionality for smoother draws